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Posted By Admin on 11/19/18 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

Three guys almost beat my ass on Saturday. All over a misunderstanding regarding some girls at a live music show. I’d had a couple beers and headed to the food trucks at the event to buy some more. I spotted a couple of really cute chicks in tiny outfits. They noticed my gaze and returned it. I made my way over to them and started working my charm. I offered to buy them some beer and invited them to come hang out with my friends and me. They were totally for it.

Then I hear “Oh shit, your Dad is here!” Ummm, what? The girls literally tried hiding behind me, beers still in their hands. Dad approaches flanked by two other guys. Turns out, they were 17 and 18. I thought I was either going to get the crap kicked out of me or have the police called for supplying alcohol to minors. It was a nightmare. Fortunately, they could see I was about to piss myself so they let me get away with my life.

From now on, I will stick to porn for the younger chicks. This special price offer good for a 51% off discount to Devils Film will keep me from harm, while also supplying me with all the teens and coeds I could ever hope for.

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Posted By Admin on 11/02/18 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

Today I checked out one of the sites in the 45+ arsenal of Bangbros called Bang Tryouts which isn’t just a fun and catchy name but the content on the site matches the description. Honestly, it’s just another hot by this network who doesn’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong, at least in my opinion.

I’m so excited about this site but I kind of find it hard to hype it up anymore than what I’ve already said because even though there isn’t really any more to it than horny teens trying out porn and getting the living daylights fucked out of them it is such an awesome site that I feel I should be able to say more about it. Perhaps it’s just one of those things that are just simple and potent.

I highly recommend you check out BangBros with our 76% off discount where you can save yourself a lot of money and you get access to the entire network.

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