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Jules Jordan is one of the most renowned porn directors in the porn industry ever. He is a multi award winning master of his art and as a result of that every pornstar would love to work with him. Since he has his own site named after himself every pornstar wish to be featured in it as it is good for their resume.

It’s much like nude glamour models would like to be featured in Hustler or Playboy magazine, the exposure and association with the greats of the industry is not just a feather in your cap but it bolsters your career. If the best in the industry contracted you for work then you must be good right.

Well, here’s the gorgeous Amia Miley doing just that and as you can see she is hot as hell. That is of course then the benefit of being one of the best porn directors in the world, you get to have the best models work for you and that is the very reason why you might want to get 59% off Jules Jordan with our discount.


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This was one of the hottest Interracial Threesome scenes that my cock had been lucky enough to be part of and I was determined to make the most of it. No matter how much you enjoy that sweet pussy you know that at a moments notice it could be all over if you’re unable to control yourself long enough to enjoy it.

That is why I need to pace myself and I’m not sure if it is just because of my age but if I don’t it will all be over long before I’ve had a real chance to enjoy it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why girls love taking big black cocks like this. Not only do they fill them up but that also reach places little dicks just couldn’t get to.

When you get a hot threesome such as this it is important to make sure that you’re a part of the action as much as you can be. Don’t be afraid to get in nice and close and show those cock-hungry girls just how desperate you are for it. They won’t mind in the slightest if anything that will get them so fucking horny that they’ll be begging you for more!

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Posted By Karlie on 07/15/19 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

If you are into watching hot young babes get it on, then you need to check out Teen Sex Movs. It’s probably the nastiest and most hardcore teen site I’ve been to. These young girls will do anything to get what they want, and we all know what that is, a nice hard cock to use. All the videos you’ll see here are exclusive and all the teens get fucked hard. One thing I really loved about this site, in particular, was how hot the girls are. These girls will give you a woody before the action even starts.

Teen Sex Movs has great content for it’s members. And the videos are mostly in 4K Ultra HD for a crystal clear picture of those luscious sluts. When you get a membership here, you also get full access to Teen Mega World Network, which has more than 32 sites so your cock will keep getting hard for you and not go limp from boredom. A friend told me about this site and I want to tell everyone because it’s the best and if you join you can save 58% now with a Teen Sex Movs discount, but you’ll need to hurry!

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Hmm, Kinsley, that is quite the pose right there and the way those tan lines accentuate your sexy butt doesn’t hurt one bit either.

Kinsley Eden is 22 years old now and when this beautiful green eyed Californian babe was just a touch younger she starred in this scene of a VR site dedicated to teens. It is smoking ht to say the least.

Virtual Reality audio visual entertainment is taking the world by storm and it won’t be much longer before what we consider conventional technology today to be completely redundant  and taken over by this medium.

At this point let me assure you that if you’re questioning this or not convinced by it, it is only because you haven’t tried it. You really only need to experience it once to know with certainty just how much better the experience is.

Porn, of course, leads the technology drive as usual and you might want to check out this Real Teens VR discount for 29% off instantly to see just how far we’ve come.

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Posted By Karlie on 05/07/19 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

When I watch porn, I like to watch some wild shit. The kind of stuff that I’m almost positive won’t ever happen in real life. Not for me anyway. When I came across this Tough Love X discount for $15 off per month; I was like a kid on Christmas morning. This site satisfies all my kinky fantasies and more.

Let me tell you about Karl. He allows viewers to follow him on his sexual adventures and they’re more than a little wild. This isn’t officially a BDSM or fetish site, but it’s the kind of action that comes with the standard “don’t try this at home,” warning. Not unless you have a completely consenting partner. Karl likes to take on different personas like Dr. Karl, or Fr. Karl. Stunning babes including Gina Valentina, Jynx Maze, Jade Kush, Karma RX, Luna Star, Ariella Ferrera, Ella Knox, and Lena Paul make up the roster here. All of this raunchy hardcore action is brought to you in beautiful 4K quality that makes it appear as though you’re right there in the room with everything that’s going down.

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If you’re a fan of hardcore cock and ball torture, then this is where you want to be. You can even get this 51% discount special at Club Dom to sweeten the deal. This site makes no apologies for its brutality, so if you’re looking for a romantic softcore site, then keep scrolling. These babes are badass and don’t tolerate disobedience.

These vixens are not merciful at all. They are fierce and break every man put before them. They wear sexy corsets and high heels, but don’t let the stilettos fool you, they may as well be combat boots. Watch as they cage their prey and poke at them, only releasing them when it’s time for torment. Most of them are forced to wear collars and gags. These guys get to experience what it’s like having their asses plunged by giant dildos and then forced to suck them clean. Whipping, caning, pegging, bondage, CBT, ruined orgasm, foot and shoe fetish, humiliation, and all other manners of male degradation are on the menu here.

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I think it’s safe to say we’ve all hit a rough patch at one point of time or another. The sexy babes featured here have found themselves in dire times and have been left no choice, but to take their valuables into the local pawn shop and see if they can get enough cash to make ends meet. The action covered here is hardcore and sure to have you rock hard and blowing your load. Right now you can get a membership for under 10 bucks a month with this XXX Pawn discount and see what I’m talking about.

These sexy ladies walk in the door not knowing that they’ll be able to make a lot more cash with their bodies than with their belongings. Some of the hotties are only willing to flash their perfect tits, while others are so desperate they’re willing to do whatever is asked of them. You’ll see messy blowjobs, as well as every possible hardcore position you could ever want. This is a deal you can’t pass up.

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I’ve never been good with money. While I like getting it, it just seems to go so quickly and it never feels like I really get anything out of it. Even though I make a decent wage by the time I pay my bills and have a little fun I am totally broke and just trying to get by until my next pay.

I’ve been wanting to let someone else take control of things and maybe it would work better if they did. Could I actually become an ATM slave for a cam mistress? that was something that I was about to find out. I must admit that at first, I was a barrel of nerves. I was shaking uncontrollably, not to mention my teeth were also chattering.

I wanted to just shut myself out but I am glad that I managed to hold myself together or PaypigWanted.com Financial Domination would have slipped by me and I would have never found it again. There are times when you’ve got to put yourself out there and see what comes your way. Lose yourself in the moment and take what you can get. This is most certainly one of them and there’s still time for you to enjoy more!

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Once the weekend is here I always look forward to setting myself up with the best video sex chat online. It helps that I don’t need to spend endless amounts of energy looking for it, not when I know full well where the sexiest cam chat is.

A wise man once told me that when you find the girl of your dreams make sure that you don’t let her get away. You know what? I think that saying is total bullshit. I can and am seeing a different cam girl on a nightly basis and my cock is loving it. Why would you settle for one girl when you can have multiple little sluts all begging for your cock?

I think you’re starting to see me point and even if you don’t want to admit it I am right. Take my advice or not, it really doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I know what my cock needs and you’d better believe that it is getting just what it wants and more. I feel like it’s about time that men like us didn’t need to beg for sex. I feel like finally it is our time to shine and we’re going to make the most of it!

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Posted By Karlie on 01/24/19 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

I’m the kind of guy that always wants the best. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want the top of the line, and that applies to porn as well. I refuse to watch grainy porn that looks like it’s been recorded with an old school camcorder. I won’t watch sub-par girls either. With so many options and sites available online, why shouldn’t I demand exactly what I want? When I found out I could use this discount link for 76% off Brazzers, I signed up immediately.

The Brazzers Network gives viewers full access to 32 hardcore sites that showcase the hottest pornstars in the industry, engaging in just about every niche and category imaginable. Asa Akira, Aj Applegate, Anna Bell Peaks, and the stunning Megan Rain are just a few of the big-name beauties you can expect to see. Teen, MILF, Gangbang, Lesbian, Facial, Interracial, and Stepmom are some of my favorite categories covered here. This action is intense and sure to provide viewers with a ball draining experience every single time.

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21 Sextury is a huge, huge place packed with action and hot babes. The network covers a big variety of categories and it’s all shot in exquisite image quality. It is made up of nearly 40 hardcore porn sites, some of which are Lez Cuties, Gapeland, Cheating Whore Wives, and Sex City Asia. Get ready for the amazing performances of delightful porn stars like Eve Angel, Anjelica, Marica Hase, Mya Diamond, and many others. There are hundreds of hot chicks!

If you use this 86% off discount link to 21Sextury you’ll have full access to all 38 porn sites for a very cheap fee. It’s a huge stash of top-quality content for just a few bucks; in other words, a great opportunity. Once you try the good stuff, you don’t wanna go back to the free, low-quality stuff that’s out there scattered across the internet’s tube sites.

Get your hands on this deal and enjoy crystal-clear full movies. Leave those clipped, pixelated vids behind! You’ll feast your eyes on perverted stuff like double penetration, group sex, girl-on-girl action, and more.

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Posted By Karlie on 12/12/18 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

Have you ever thought about what a woman goes through to become a porn star? I’ve never even put a moment’s thought into it until I saw this site. It’s insane the things these women are willing to put themselves through just for the chance to possibly make it into a porn someday. Obviously not ever gorgeous woman will make it in the industry and become a big name star, but you can get the first glimpse at these babes and follow their careers, if they end up making it in the industry.

Right now you can save 26% each month with a Woodman Casting X discount and watch in amazement as they beautiful babes subject themselves to all kinds of poking and prodding, just to see if they have what it takes. These beautiful babes are so much braver than I could ever be. I may have a strong sexual appetite, but I’d never be able to just lay myself out in front of a million people. More than that actually.

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Posted By Karlie on 12/04/18 - Bookmark Money Talks Discount

Every parent knows that kids are going to do dumb shit. Especially when they’re away at college. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to college. I just went directly into the workforce after graduation. Most of my friends ended up going though and they would tell me some crazy stories. My one buddy said there was a huge party that weekend and that I had to come up and see for myself.

As soon as I got there I recognized it was even better than the stories I had heard. The girls were way hotter and sluttier. Most of them already had a buzz by the time I got there which was fine by me. It didn’t take long before the guys started making moves on the inebriated girls and they were happy to comply. Before the clock had even struck midnight there was a full blown orgy going on.

Right now you can get this Drunken Teen Orgies discount for 58% off and see all the action you’ve been missing out on.

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Three guys almost beat my ass on Saturday. All over a misunderstanding regarding some girls at a live music show. I’d had a couple beers and headed to the food trucks at the event to buy some more. I spotted a couple of really cute chicks in tiny outfits. They noticed my gaze and returned it. I made my way over to them and started working my charm. I offered to buy them some beer and invited them to come hang out with my friends and me. They were totally for it.

Then I hear “Oh shit, your Dad is here!” Ummm, what? The girls literally tried hiding behind me, beers still in their hands. Dad approaches flanked by two other guys. Turns out, they were 17 and 18. I thought I was either going to get the crap kicked out of me or have the police called for supplying alcohol to minors. It was a nightmare. Fortunately, they could see I was about to piss myself so they let me get away with my life.

From now on, I will stick to porn for the younger chicks. This special price offer good for a 51% off discount to Devils Film will keep me from harm, while also supplying me with all the teens and coeds I could ever hope for.

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Today I checked out one of the sites in the 45+ arsenal of Bangbros called Bang Tryouts which isn’t just a fun and catchy name but the content on the site matches the description. Honestly, it’s just another hot by this network who doesn’t seem to be able to put a foot wrong, at least in my opinion.

I’m so excited about this site but I kind of find it hard to hype it up anymore than what I’ve already said because even though there isn’t really any more to it than horny teens trying out porn and getting the living daylights fucked out of them it is such an awesome site that I feel I should be able to say more about it. Perhaps it’s just one of those things that are just simple and potent.

I highly recommend you check out BangBros with our 76% off discount where you can save yourself a lot of money and you get access to the entire network.

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